Top Ten Nigeria Entertainment News Websites

Nigeria entertainment news is what normally makes people happy and relieves them from hardship and everyday stress. Most people always crave to be entertained, and entertainment is a big and serious business.

entertainment news in Nigeria is provided by a variety of websites but not limited to only websites as most people enjoy entertainment on most social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Twitter, and so on.

Entertainment news Nigeria can be provided by individuals especially in the current age and era of smartphones. All that anyone needs is to bring out his or her phone and start recording video of any funny event happening and then post it on any social media platform.

Nigerian entertainment news is now popular that almost all news websites in Nigeria have an entertainment category that is dedicated to providing entertainment news. The latest entertainment news can be seen in such a category.

These days, the latest entertainment news in Nigeria is also provided on YouTube by video bloggers who empower themselves by uploading entertainment videos including comedy or social events analysis.

Entertainment news Naija has made many Nigerian Youtubers rich by monetizing their YouTube channels. Naija entertainment news always has many views on YouTube, Instagram, and the rest of social media.

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Nigeria’s entertainment news today has advanced to the level that other African countries are looking up to Nigeria as a role model in the entertainment industry. Also, entertainment news today in any social media platform always generates a lot of comments as a lot of people enjoy entertainment gist.

Below are the top ten Nigeria entertainment news websites

1. Pulse

There are numerous voices covering news, music, movies, and general entertainment. Pulse Nigeria exists to amplify those voices and connect them to a global audience.

2. Legit

There is a great deal of informational clutter in today’s environment. But Legit is there to choose and choose the most fascinating, entertaining, and useful stuff.

3. NaijaMill

When it comes to entertainment, lifestyle, and discussion, is the number one entertainment and discussion forum. Anyone can join and participate in the discussion forum.

4. Ripplesnigeria

This is a newspaper format website that has a lot of publications on the website which include the entertainment category.

5. NaijaNews

Polance Media Limited publishes Naija News, a native digital newspaper platform (RC1513324).

They are a non-profit news agency dedicated to providing verified and unedited news to the Nigerian public and the rest of the globe.

6. Gistmania

Naijapals, a subsidiary of Techdorado LTD, runs Gistmania, a Nigerian online news publication. Originally known as Naijapals forum, the platform was renamed Gistmania in 2012 due to the astronomical growth rate seen as Naijapals forums and the need to graduate the news publication to its own standout independent online platform.

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7. GistReel

GistReel is a news website committed to providing the most up-to-date Nigerian news and entertainment stories.

8. DailyPost

Dailypost is a well-known newspaper with a large readership. Local and national news, politics, the metro, business, entertainment, sports, and opinions are all covered by us.

9. The Nation Online

The Nation Newspaper provides you the most up-to-date Nigerian news, including top stories, entertainment, politics, sports, and fashion.

10. VanguarNGR

VanguardNGR is a Nigerian daily newspaper that covers current events, breaking news, politics, relationships, entertainment, and sports.

Mr. Sam Amuka (a renowned, veteran journalist and columnist of the Sad Sam Fame) founded Vanguard Media Limited, publishers of Vanguard Newspapers, in 1984. Sam Amuka was the editor of the Sunday Times and the Punch Newspaper’s first managing director.) He hails from Itsekiri, which is now part of Nigeria’s Delta State.

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