Olamide Net Worth 2022 

Olamide Net Worth 2022

Olamide, a well-known Nigerian singer, is just one of many new stars who are quickly rising to the top. You can tell that the “Baddo” master knows how to make his fans happy by giving them good and fun music. 

This article explains all you need to know about Olamide and Olamide Net Worth 2022:

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Babado or Babadsneh is the name of Olamide’s full name, Adedeji Olamide. He was born and raised in Bariga, in the city of Lagos on the 15th of March 1989. In Nigeria, he is one of the best music artists in the world. “Bado,” “YNBL,” “Young Erikina,” and “Baddest Boy Ever Liveth” are just a few of the stage names he goes by. The fact that Olamide is part of a group of young musicians who are taking Nigerian music to the next level isn’t a surprise. 

Durosoke and Yemi My Lover are two of the singles on the album. First, Olamide signed a deal with Cîroc on July 17, 2013. 

Olamide’s music career is really going well. He is always on the list of the best artists in his field. There is no doubt that Olamide has made a big difference in the Nigerian music business. It’s like “taking a breath of fresh air.” Rap music was not very popular in Nigeria at first. However, people now like and accept this type of music, especially his fast-paced rapping skills. This appeal is also felt outside of Nigeria. 

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Olamide Awards 

When it comes to music, Olamide has won a lot of awards, just to name a few: 

* Nigeria Entertainment Awards 

* Best Collabo (featuring Phyno) 

Olamide Cars collection 2020

The singer is said to own four types of high-end cars. 

Olamide House 

As well as having expensive cars, Olamide also owns a lot of real estate or houses in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. This is one way to build up wealth. 

They both have a son together. Olamide is getting married to his long-term girlfriend and they both have a son together too. 


He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 88 kg, which is a lot. 

Olamide Net Worth 2022 

In Olamide’s case, he didn’t get born with a silver spoon. He was born in Lagos and grew up on the streets. He dreamed of making it big one day. There’s no doubt in our minds that the champion has broken through and is now living the dream. This means that he is worth an estimated 4.7 Billion right now, which isn’t bad at all.

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