Jaruma Sent To Suleja Prison

jaruma sent to suleja prison by ned nwoko

An Abuja Suleja Upper Area Court has remanded Jaruma pending a bail hearing set for Friday.

Jaruma was detained after a petition was filed by wealthy Ned Nwoko, the spouse of Regina Daniel, her former brand influencer.
Jaruma was charged with defamation of character, criminal intimidation, harmful untruth, and publishing to urge the public to detest Ned Nwoko, according to BBC Pidgin News.

Remember how Jaruma chastised Regina Daniels for a poorly performing sponsored advertisement she paid for?

The Kayamata seller also stated that Regina Daniels’ use of her product was to blame for Nwoko’s divorce from Laila.

Regina stated, however, that she has never used any of Jaruma’s products and was just hired as an ambassador to promote her.

Nwoko further explained that Jaruma was not to blame for the breakdown of his marriage to his Moroccan wife, Laila Chanrai, saying that he divorced her because she had an affair with another man and underwent plastic surgery without his permission.


“I don’t know how someone would abuse you and you will abuse them back, and then the person will use the Nigeria Police to bully you, to quiet you,” Jaruma said of her arrest.

“You’ll seize someone’s property, the owner will complain, and you’ll dispatch Nigerian police to apprehend them.”

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“You’ll also seize someone’s plantation, the owner will protest, and you’ll dispatch Nigerian police to arrest and imprison the owner.”

“I paid N10m for a job that was not completed, and when I protested, my own too don land came after me.”

“How many Nigerian youths do you want to imprison?” Jaruma:

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