Is Davido And Wizkid Enemies?

It’s funny how Africans, particularly Nigerians, regard Wizkid and Davido as enemies, with some even considering them the greatest adversary in the Afro-pop nation, but these two have been friends since they first began pursuing their musical dreams. As an African, having these two great stars who have given the Afro-pop nation a satisfying global recognition is a terrific feeling and source of pride. Despite their success, there have been a few little things that have positioned them as a rival and competitor to others. The strange thing is that they don’t regard themselves as rivals or competitors in the way that many people do. The following are the strategies that helped them become a competitor.

Base of support

Both having millions of fans around the world with distinct emotions, there had been a big clash for the opposing passions., of the fan base will always want to chisel out the best from their hero, but when this is denied, it may lead to disputes or even conflicts. Many fans had a fourth with the opposing fan, unwittingly establishing a major enemy for Davido and Wizkid.

The majority of Wizkid supporters, and Davido’s admirers, will constantly troll Davido’s efforts adversely in favor of Wizkid, as they assume. They had developed a rivalry as a result of this.

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Nature appears to have favored their rival and has positioned them as Nigeria’s first and second richest music artists, respectively. This is one of the reasons why people have a firm notion that they are competing, which is completely false. The fact that Wizkid is Nigeria’s richest afro-pop music artist, and Davido is his second, has created a fierce competition between the two. They each drive nearly identically expensive flashy automobiles and live in nearly identical mansions, giving admirers even more reason to believe in their own ideologies.

Davido was previously the richest man in the company, but Wizkid had dethroned him, creating a rivalry and competition phenomena. How enigmatic is this? What a fascinating mystery!

Availability of new music

This is usually a strong conviction that even the most intoxicated people believe they are competing. When you look back at Wizkid and Davido’s recent music releases, you’ll see that they closely follow each other. It would be forbidden for listeners if Wizkid released a new song while Davido was struggling, and the same goes for Davido. Davido was completely unaware of his competitor Wizkid’s antics.


They’d each create new challenges and fashions, causing rivalry even among their respective fan bases. This has been a phenomenon and a mystery since they perform it serially in the interests of both but with a different perspective and comprehension for the fans and listeners. People had imagined such a competition among both with great skepticism.

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Mamas of newborns

People’s beliefs should not be blamed on them because they explicitly share many things in common. Both of them having numerous baby mamas had been a huge resurgence that everyone was talking about. They have a similar relationship status to their baby moms in that they solely love the child and not the baby mommies.

Who will be able to defeat these formidable foes?

It will always be a special recollection to have both legendary afrobeat legends in the same country. The phenomena of amazing things they share, ranging from fan base to list, relationship status, is fulfilling. It’s an honor and a lot of fun that they’ve been sharing this comeback for years, referring to it as Messi’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s in football history. You might now clearly understand the hidden factors that made Wizkid and Davido rivals.

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