Body Count: Is It Important In A Relationship?

What Is Body Count

Simply simply, body count refers to the number of people with whom you have had sex. If there hasn’t been penetration, it doesn’t count as sex in this context, no matter how intimate the make out was or how much stuff you’ve done with someone. The term “body count” refers to the number of people with whom you have had penetrative sex.

It’s crucial to understand what body counts are before discussing why they shouldn’t be discussed in your relationship.

In new partnerships, remembering the past is important.

When you’re in a new relationship, there comes a period when you and your partner talk about the past and make plans for the future, especially when things are getting serious and commitment is genuine.
As previously stated in prior articles, there are crucial money conversations to have at this stage, as well as sexual conversations to have. The body count inquiry, however, is not obligatory among the many sexual questions you might ask your bae/boo.
And this is simply due to the fact that certain things are best left unknown, and some information is better left unknown. Allow folks to reveal it voluntarily if they so desire. That’s great, too, if they don’t. Please don’t hassle them about it. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

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Who a woman has slept with in the past should not make her undesirable to you or have an impact on her relationship with you. Women do not consider how many women a man has had before loving them as they should. Why can’t they be treated with the same respect? Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the sum she’ll provide you is correct. And how would you know if she exaggerated the figures to keep you from fleeing or acting strangely as a result of the truth?
It’s really simple: if you think she’s nice, smart, and fun to be around, how does her body count suddenly change all of your favorable feelings about her?

You might also inquire as to whether or not there have been any abortions. Because this is someone with whom you are getting serious or intend to get serious, the question is appropriate and needs an answer, just as women do when they ask if you have ever been pregnant or if you have a child somewhere.

When you think about it, the knowledge concerning the body count serves no purpose other than to satisfy your curiosity.

Most men are unable of dealing with the truth, especially when the babe in issue has thoroughly explored her sexuality prior to their arrival.
Although it is impossible to know the exact Nigerian statistics, it was discovered in England in 2017 that the typical lady sleeps with eight men before settling down. We believe that a large proportion of Nigerian men will consider that to be excessive.
This is where I get to talk about how unfair it is that a man can sleep with over ten ladies and be considered a champion, while a woman may do the same and be labeled a tramp. That doesn’t seem appropriate, especially now that increasing calls for gender equality are being made.

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Returning to the body count topic, asking this question about your wife puts your relationship in jeopardy. If she’s dated a lot of guys and thinks you’ll be shocked if she tells you, she’ll tell you a lie, which is obviously not what you want in your relationship.

You might never be able to bear the truth if she trusts you with it. You don’t need something insignificant to upstage your relationship if it’s in good shape and everything between you and your wife is going swimmingly. My guy, let sleeping dogs lay.
If there was ever a list of information that has nothing to do with the wonderful relationship/marriage happiness you seek, the body count inquiry would undoubtedly be towards the top.
It’s that insignificant.

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