10 Most Popular Davido Songs  

10 Most Popular Davido Songs

Davido has only one studio album, unlike many other artists who measure their success by the number of albums they have released. He has not shown any signs of slowing down since entering the music industry in 2011. Every year, he delights his fans with solo singles or duets that swiftly become anthems. 

Davido has been extraordinary when it comes to giving back to society, as evidenced by his tagline, “We Rise by Lifting Others.” He sarcastically urged supporters to give money to his account on his 29th birthday. He made nearly $500,000.00 from the joke. He eventually donated all of the money to charity. According to fan opinion and streaming figures, these are 10 Most Popular Davido Songs.

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When Davido released Fall in 2017, few critics gave him a chance. Fall was his second single of the year, and it came after ‘IF.’ Due to its hilarious love lyrics, ‘Fall’ became the top choice for most festivities just a few weeks after its debut. ‘Fall’ is by far his most successful song, with over 225 million YouTube views and a platinum rating from the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA). 


‘If,’ which was released in February 2017, has over 140 million views on YouTube. In the country and beyond, the phrase “30 billion for the account” has become a popular catchphrase. Best African Act (MTV EMA), Best Worldwide Act, and Artist of the Year were also given to ‘If.’ This is a unique type of romantic song, and the lyrics have grown commonplace among young Nigerians. 

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Aye is a love song about the importance of true love over material things. The song had a head start because it was released a few days before Valentine’s Day. Fans were soon drawn to the lyrics, which distinguish true love from materialism. In 2014, Davido’s song Aye won the prestigious Headies song of the year award. On YouTube, Aye has almost 67 million views. 


One of the reasons why Davido’s fans will remember 2017 is because of this song. Davido released FIA late that year, which is another love song portrayed in a comical manner. Fia’s video has been seen over 89 million times on YouTube. He complements the soundtrack with eye-catching images. One of the most essential messages he conveyed through the song was that loving someone does not imply burning your hands for them. 


Skelewu’s popularity is inextricably linked to its distinctive dance step. People were scurrying to participate in what would now be known as the ‘Skelewu dance challenge.’ Footballers such as Samuel Eto’o and Emmanuel Adebayo have been seen dancing to the song. On YouTube, the song has over 28 million views and has become an anthem across Africa since its release. 


Davido is no stranger to drama, and he keeps his love affair a secret. Davido made headlines earlier this year when he released the song ‘Assurance,’ which was dedicated to his long-time girlfriend, Chioma. The Porsche with the personalized plate number ‘Assurance’ that the artist handed his fiancée has wowed fans the most. On YouTube, the song has over 77 million views. That assurance he previously espoused appears to be diminishing in recent years. 

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#7:Dami Duro 

‘Dami Duro,’ full of vigor and new to the business, was more of a declaration of intent. The song’s catchy beat rapidly made it a popular club hit. At the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, the song was also named “Hottest Single of the Year.” Dami Duro’s video has over 11 million views on YouTube as of this writing. Looking back on this song, it’s amazing to see how far this legend has progressed. 

#8:Back When 

One of Davido’s breakthrough songs is ‘Back When.’ ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ was his debut album, and this was the first single from it. On the track, he collaborated with Naeto C, a well-known rapper. The song earned him the 2012 Kora Award for “Best Newcomer.” This song has over 1.4 million views on YouTube. 


Davido’s love song career began in 2012 with the release of Ekuro. Davido showed off his loving side in Ekuro after making a difficult debut the previous year. The popularity of this song paved the stage for other romantic hits. On YouTube, the song has over 7 million views. 

#10: All Of You  

Davido used this song to pay homage to D’banj, P-Square, and 2baba, all of whom were already well-known. ‘All of you,’ which was released in 2012, rapidly became a success. He said he was better than everyone else in the industry near the end of the song. Is it now safe to assume that he has kept his word? On YouTube, this song has received over 5 million views.

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